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Campsites Olbia-Tempio

 visit Camping La Liccia   Camping La Liccia

The Liccia overlooking the sea on a promontory on the northwest coast of Gallura region with spectacular views and unforgettable sunsets. The camp covers an area of 50 thousand square meters. In ...

Location Santa Teresa Gallura Middle price person a day € 8/13

 visit Camping Capo D'Orso   Camping Capo D'Orso

In Sardinia, on the Emerald Coast behind the world famous Capo d'Orso, bear shaped granite rock on the most beautiful part of the Sardinian coastline. Situated directly on the see, surrounded by ...

Location Palau Middle price person a day € 4/7

 visit Camping Arcobaleno   Camping Arcobaleno

Camping Arcobaleno is situated in the Porto Pozzo di Santa Teresa Gallura (Olbia-Tempio) region and along the Gallurese coast, Camping Arcobaleno extends over a flat, well shaded area along the s ...

Location Santa Teresa di Gallura Middle price person a day € 8/14

 visit Baia Saraceno   Baia Saraceno

Situated in one of most beautiful coasts of Maddalena Archipelago in a 30.000 mq area; it is at 600 mt from Palau. Little inlets, sand and rocks form the coast. It is provided with running cold a ...

Location Palau Middle price person a day € 8/17

visit Canping Baia Blu La Tortuga   Canping Baia Blu La Tortuga

The Camping Village Baia Blu La Tortuga is located in the North of Sardinia, on the West coast, in the municipality of Aglientu (OT), about 18 Km from Santa Teresa di Gallura. The distance from t ...

Location Aglientu Middle price person a day € 5.40/13.40

visit Campeggio Mareblů   Campeggio Mareblů

Placed in Tancau, a splendid place of sea in the commune of Lotzorai (Ogliastra), it is a completely integrated structure with the uncontaminated landscape that surrounds her/it. The great beach ...

Location Badesi Middle price person a day € --

visit Camping Saragosa   Camping Saragosa

Idyllically situated at the foot of a spanish tower built in the 14th century, the campground SARAGOSA lies right besides an enchanting beach. In the shade of ten acres of big lushy pinewood fore ...

Location Aglientu Middle price person a day € --

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